The University of Arizona's Bird Collection containing over 18,000 cataloged specimens is the largest bird collection in the state. These specimens represent 1,456 species, from 707 genera, 137 families, and 29 orders. The Museum maintains a traditional study skin collection as well as a wing and tail, skeletal, and nest and egg collection.





Geographic coverage for the collection is wide, with specimen representation from seven continents, most of the earths oceans and seas, and over 50 countries. The collection's major stregth, however, is in its regional composition, with Arizona garnering 11125 (62%) of its holdings.


Originally begun in 1884 by Arizona resident Herbert Brown, the bird collection has seen periodic growth over time due to the efforts of some of the nation's best ornithologists. The Bird Collection remains dedicated to preserving the treasures of the region, while also promoting education and awareness to the public. Dr. Alex Badyaev is Curator, and Mr. George Bradley is Collection Manager.

The University of Arizona Bird Collection will soon be offering digital images of our specimens from Mexico. In a recent project with CONABIO, Mexico's premier biological information resource,and through the support of the National Science Foundation, we have made available all of our holdings from Mexico in an effort to improve Mexico's biological information resources. Having photographed and georeferenced each of our specimens, we will soon be offering the completed work from this collaboration.

Questions concerning the collection should be directed to:

George Bradley
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona 85721
(520) 621-3187

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