We welcome prospective students and post docs!

Prospective post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduate students should feel free to contact Matt Sullivan directly <mbsulli@email.arizona.edu> to discuss openings and possible research projects. Some funding and other opportunities are listed below.

For general information about graduate study in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, see http://www.eebweb.arizona.edu/grad_info/index.htm. An alternative entry to graduate study is the Arizona Biological and Biomedical Sciences (ABBS) program, which integrates recruiting, admissions, and the first-year program for five other PhD programs in biological and biomedical sciences.

Undergraduate students interested in a research project should express interest by emailing a CV to Matt Sullivan <mbsulli@email.arizona.edu>.

Funding opportunities for Graduate Studies

Below is a list of fellowships that are available for graduate studies (though there are new opportunities all the time, so doing your own search on the web is a good idea). These fellowships can be awarded prior to entry into a PhD program, and usually pay part of the total cost of tuition and stipend for a fixed period of time. The balance of the support is picked up by the Lab's research grants. For helpful advice on applying for graduate fellowships, please visit The Chronical of Higher Education's "How to Win a Graduate Fellowship."

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Funding opportunities for Postdoctoral Research

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