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Something scenicI am a NASA Astrobiology Postdoc in Frank Rosenzweig's lab. My current research focuses on questions related to the evolution of multicellularity.
My PhD from the University of Arizona focused on evolutionary transitions in individuality (ETIs) generally, and specifically in the transition from unicellular to differentiated multicellular life in the volvocine green algae. I was co-advised by Rick Michod and Régis Ferrière. My PhD research incorporated theoretical, empirical, and comparative approaches to explore the selective pressures that may have driven this transition.

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My NASA Postdoctoral Program Alumni Seminar is available here (10/11/2104).

The first paper describing the new Chlamydomonas multicellularity work is out in Nature Communications, and is being reported in New Scientist, Astrobiology Magazine, the Minnesota Daily, and Bioscience Technology (11/21/2013).

The Second International Volvox Conference is coming up July 31 - August 3 in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The new PLoS Biology article was highlighted in Nature and Nature Reviews Genetics. (3/18/2013)

An interview with my coauthor, Michael Doebeli, about our PLoS Biology article on Radio Canada International. (2/27/2013)

News articles and blog posts about the new PLoS Biology article: CBC, The Economist, PLoS Biologue, PhysOrg, Science 2.0, Scientific American.  (2/19/2013)

My public lecture at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, "Algae are way cool because...," is here. (2/18/2013)

My KITP talk, "Individuality in the 'minor' multicellular taxa," is available in several formats here. (2/16/2013)

From Jan 28 to Feb 8, I'll be in Santa Barbara at the KITP meeting "Cooperation and the Evolution of Multicellularity."

An article about research in the Rosenzweig Lab.

Volvox 2013!

Here's a video of me talking about my public lecture, "Algae are way cool," part of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum's Way Cool Biodiversity Series:

I'll be starting a new position in April as a NASA Astrobiology Postdoc in Frank Rosenzweig's lab at the University of Montana.

From April 10-15, I'll be at AbSciCon in Atlanta, talking about the genetics of adaptive diversification.

From May 3-5, I'll be at the 2012 Cain Conference, E Pluribus Unum: Bringing biological parts and wholes into historical and philosophical perspective, in Philadelphia, talking about individuality in the "minor" multicellular taxa.

Check out this article on multicellularity in The Scientist: "From simple to complex"

High school teaching modules for the evolution of complexity are available online (08/02/10).

My new Volvox igoogle theme is live (06/13/09).