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UAZ Herpetology Collection Online Data

In this update, complete or nearly complete collection information is provided for each specimen.

A Specimen Code with the letters PSV as a hyphenated suffix (such as UAZ 55616-PSV) indicate that the specimen is a Photographic Specimen Voucher. In this case, the specimen is represented by a photograph only.

While using a database such as this, or even the more inclusive version available on request, one must remain aware that " the database is not the collection ". Reading from a list is no viable substitute for hands on examination of specimens. These listings should be used only as guidelines as to what may be available for study. This database was created from catalog cards and has yet to be reconciled with the actual specimens or specimen label data. Mistakes, outdated taxonomy, and differences of taxonomic opinion are inherent in a collection of this size and age. It may be useful to use one or more synonyms if you are unable to find the taxon you are searching for. We are working on reconciling the specimens with the database, correcting mistakes, and upgrading the taxonomy. As these changes are made, the site will be updated and upgraded. Thank you and have patience during construction of this site.

Updated 16 February 2007 by George Bradley

Order Records, by Class

Class Amphibia      Amphibians

Anura (13 Families)     Frogs and Toads

Caudata (7 Families)     Salamanders and Newts    

Gymnophiona (2 Families)     Caecilians

Class Reptilia

Crocodylia (2 Families)     Crocodiles, alligators and relatives

Squamata (24 Families)     Lizards, snakes, and wormlizards

Testudines (9 Families)     Turtles and Tortoises