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The University of Arizona's Bird Collection containing over 17,600 cataloged specimens is the largest bird collection in the state. Specimens include traditional study skins, taxidermy mounts, wings, tails, disarticulated skeletons, nests, eggs and the Arizona Bird Committee's photographs and records. The collection was begun in 1884 by Arizona resident Herbert Brown. The current geographic representation of the collection in decreasing order of importance is: Arizona, Sonora, Southwestern United States, Northwestern Mexico, North America and other continents. The Bird Collection is housed on the University of Arizona's main campus in room 117 of the Biological Sciences East Building. Dr. Alex Badyaev is Curator and Dr. Stephen M. Russell is Curator Emeritus.
Questions and inquiries concerning the Bird Collection should be directed to:

Dr. Peter Reinthal, Director or George Bradley

University of Arizona Museum of Natural History

Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

PNR at 520-621-7518 or

GB at 520-621-3187 or


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