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Environmental Biology

ECOL 206, spring 2007, University of Arizona

Kevin Bonine, Ph.D., Anna Tyler, TA

Evolving Lab/Field Trip Schedule

Your Saturday field trip is in RED

Readings etc.
Meeting Location


Week 1 (08-12 Jan)
No Lab
Read Ishmael (15 Copies on Reserve in Science Library)

Week 2 (15-19 Jan) , LAB ASSIGNMENT
Campus Plant Walk
Meet in Lab (KOFFL 410), then depart

Week 3 (22-26 Jan) LAB ASSIGNMENT
Discuss Ishmael, watch Cuban Oil Crisis Video
Ishmael (15 Copies on Reserve in Science Library)
Meet in Lab

Week 4 (29 Jan - 02 Feb) LAB ASSIGNMENT described below
Ecological Footprint, Cane Toads Video
Calculate your Ecological Footprint (two different ways) here:,
[Please calculate your footprint these two ways: 1) your life in the USA as you live it today, 2) use the same consumption patterns, but choose a different country from somewhere in the world. Be ready to compare the two footprints (be sure to convert hectares and acres appropriately). Think about why the footprints are similar or different in different countries.]
Read through the following page about calculating ecological footprints:
(Optional, more in-depth excel-based footprint calculator)
Meet in Lab

Week 5 (05-09 Feb) LAB ASSIGNMENT (pdf file format)
(Note that the lab assignment handout above has an old assignment on the bottom of the 2nd page. Please don't do the assignment on the bottom of the 2nd page.)
Aerial View of Tucson (this lab will be outside most of the time; bring hat, binoculars?, jacket?)
Pima County's Withdrawal From its Past:
Raymond Turner 2003 (SDCP) (Very Large File; please skim, look at pictures, but no need to print)
Meet in Lab, then depart

Week 6 (12-16 Feb) LAB ASSIGNMENT (Word document)
Data Analysis, Graphing
useful websites about presenting data graphically: 1) Presenting information Graphically, 2) Betty Jung's page
Meet in Lab

Week 7 (19-23 Feb)
Handout to bring to lab this week: Plant Keys and Instructions
Plant IDs, dichotomous key, Library Scavenger Hunt
Meet in Lab, then depart

Week 8 (26 Feb-02 Mar)
Tumamoc Hill (Desert Laboratory)
Tumamoc Hill Lab Handout (BRING with you to Lab)
Saguaro Life History Information (READ)

Tumamoc Hill Background Reading (by Nancy Wall)
Background Reading on Flooding and the Santa Cruz (thanks to Geosciences)

OPTIONAL READINGS: Tumamoc Hill Research,
Plants of the Sonoran Desert,
Views of the Changing Sonoran Desert (large file)
Meet S side BSE at VAN

Week 9 (05-09 Mar)
No Lab (work on your creativity project)


Week 10 (19-23 Mar)
Energy Lab
Handout (contains a few things to do before you come to lab)
Meet in lab

Saturday 24 March
Mt. Lemmon
both labsRex Adams, Laboratory of tree-Ring Research (LTTR)
Meet S side BSE, 7am - return ~ 6pm
(see readings below)

Handouts to Bring with you on the Mt. Lemmon trip:
2-page two page handout for 2007, or as PDF file
Data Sheet for 2007
Readings to do before the trip:
Sonorensis Publication 1989 (a great overview of Mt. Lemmon and our Sky Islands)
Guide to Mt. Lemmon Highway (with mileage, elevation, and checklists)
Miscellaneous Mt. Lemmon-related information (including a map)
Whittaker and Niering, 1965 (excerpts) (optional discussion of life zones and vegetation on Mt. Lemmon)
Cruising for Timber! (optional details on how to quickly calculate standing biomass)

Meet S side BSE, 7am - return ~ 6pm

Week 11 (26-30 Mar)
Data analysis and summary Mt. Lemmon
Meet in Lab

Week 12 (02-06 Apr)
Population Modelling
Population Modelling Spreadsheet (you will be able to access in lab)
Population Modelling Handout (you will be able to access in lab)
Meet at CC311 (Computer Center ; or PDF map)

Week 13 (09-13 Apr)
Sweetwater Waste Treatment (w/ Joaquim Delgado)
Questions and tips for lab this week: Handout with Facts and Questions
Please read: How water management in Tucson has affected desert surroundings
Please read: Shutes 2001
Optional: Troubled Waters, by Sandra Postel
Optional: Verhoeven and Meuleman 1999
Optional: Constructed Wetland details
Meet S side BSE at VAN

Week 14 (16-20 Apr)
Los Reales Landfill (with Wilson Hughes)
Landfill Handout
Optional Reading: Lomborg 2001
Meet S side BSE at VAN

Week 15 (23-27 Apr)
Lab Handout - Patterns in Species Diversity
Greasewood Park or Tucson Mountain Park
Meet S side BSE at VAN

Week 16
No Lab
Prepare for Final Exam!


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