The Gila Monster Project


Gila Monsters at Saguaro National Park

If you have seen our posters at Saguaro National Park you may be asking, “What’s going on with the Gila Monsters?”

Researchers from the University of Arizona, Saguaro National Park, and Friends of Saguaro National Park are studying the ecology and natural history of Gila Monsters in the park.


You can help!  By contacting us when you see a Gila Monster in the park, you are providing valuable information for our study. If possible we would like for each animal:

1.  A photograph (like the above left picture)

2.  Date and time seen

3.  Where seen

4.  Estimated body length

5.  Observed behaviors

6.  Weather (Temp. Cloudy? Rainy? Windy?)

Any information is helpful, including past photos and sightings!

Please enter the above information and upload photos at:

Arizona Herp Count

If you have any questions please contact us at

For more contact information, please see link at top of page.

Thank you for your help and enjoy your time in the wonderful Sonoran Desert.
Above all, BE SAFE. Gila Monsters are VENOMOUS and will bite if provoked. Gila Monsters are a protected species in Arizona, it is ILLEGAL to harass, pick up, or capture any individual.

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