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Evidence-Based Medicine course

I have developed and teach an innovative inquiry-based course ECOL379 Evidence-Based Medicine. Students learn the scientific method via the paradigm of the randomized controlled trial, and as a capstone, carry out as a class project a trial of their own design. Probability and statistics are taught as they arise in their medical context, including an emphasis on applications of Bayes’ theorem (eg to mammography and to Ioannidis’ work on “Why Most Published Research Findings are False“. The history and politics of medicine are also discussed extensively. The current version of the class is 50% hybrid/online, and is restricted to Honors students. I am interested in disseminating this course to other institutions: please email me if you are interested, and I will send you extensive course materials, including for non-online and non-Honors versions.

Tools developed for this course include two apps on

Press coverage of the class and class projects include

Other courses

Together with Anna Dornhaus, I also teach an introductory course on mathematical modeling in biology.

Together with Lucas Mix, I once ran a 5-semester long discussion group on Chance, Purpose and Progress in Evolution and Religion, that could also be taken for credit as ECOL524.

In the more distant past I have taught Introductory Biology 182, Genetics 320, and the graduate core course Fundamentals of Evolution 600A.