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Table of Contents
Volume 1, January-December, 1999
Volume 2, January-December, 2000
Volume 3, January-February, 2001

DEDICATION to Joe Citron 

And now for something NOT completely different
Michael L. Rosenzweig 

Introduction to three special articles of David Lloyd in Vol. 2, no. 1:
The selection of social actions in families.
Lynda Delph

Preface to the special issue in honor of Dan Cohen in Vol. 2, no. 4:
Dan Cohen — An inquiring mind.
Simon A. Levin and Yoh Iwasa — 2000 (

Scientific bibliography, acknowledgements and thanks.
Dan Cohen — 2000

A method for testing the assumption of phylogenetic independence in comparative data.
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Departure time versus departure rate: How to forage optimally when you are stupid. 
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Winner and loser effects and the development of dominance relationships in young coyotes: an integration of data and theory.
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Evolutionary fitness in ecology: Comparing measures of fitness in stochastic, density-dependent environments.
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Investing for survival of severe rare stresses in heterogeneous environments.
Dan Cohen & Marc Mangel — 1999 (

A G-function approach to fitness minima, fitness maxima, ESS and adaptive landscapes. 
Yosef Cohen, T.L. Vincent & J.S. Brown — 1999 (

Evolutionary strategies and nutrient cycling in ecosystems.
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On Fisher-Zahavi's handicapped sexy son.
Ilan Eshel, Ina Volovik & Emilia Sansone — 2000 (

Is selection ready when opportunity knocks?
Ian M. Ferguson & Daphne J. Fairbairn — 2001(2) (

The emergence of division of labor in forced associations of normally solitary ant queens. 
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Development of colony phenotype in social insects controlled by frequency-dependent thresholds among workers.
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Sperm competition and female avoidance of polyspermy mediated by sperm-egg biochemistry.
Steve A. Frank — 2000 (

Characterization of a narrow hybrid zone between two subspecies of big sagebrush (Artemesia tridentata, Asteraceae): VII. Community and demographic analyses. 
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Allochrony: A new way of analyzing life histories, as illustrated with mammals. 
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Testing metapopulation models with stream-fish assemblages. 
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Testing macroecology models with stream-fish assemblages. 
Nick Gotelli & C.M. Taylor — 1999 (

Predation risk, unequal competitors and the ideal free distribution. 
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Development of color in an aposematic ladybird beetle: The role of environmental conditions. 
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Heterozygous advantage and the evolution of female choice.
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Group selection in density-regulated populations revisited. 
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Dynamic optimization of plant growth.
Yoh Iwasa — 2000 (

The evolution of genomic imprinting: Abortion and overshoot explain abberations. 
Y. Iwasa, A. Mochizuki, and Y. Takeda — 1999  

Evolutionary conflict between Trollius Europaeus and its seed-parasite pollinators Chiastocheta flies.
Nicolas Jaeger, I. Till-Bottraud & L. Desprιs — 2000 (

Natal vs. breeding dispersal: evolution in a model system.
Karin Johst & R. Brandl — 1999 (

Reliable flows and preferred patterns in food webs. 
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Evolution of preference for consonances as a byproduct. 
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The effects of dispersal behavior in group selection. 
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Experimental analyses of body size, flight and survival in pierid butterflies.
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Co-evolution of nuptial gift and female multiple mating resulting in diverse breeding systems.
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Allocation of energy between growth and reproduction: The Pontryagin Maximum Principle solution for the case of age- and season dependent mortality. 
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Is there local adaptation in Drosophila-parasitoid interactions?
A.R. Kraaijeveld & H.C.J. Godfray — 2001(1) (

Variation in fecundity among populations of snails is predicted by prevalence of castrating parasites.
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What factors shape sexual size dimorphism in ungulates? 
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The selection of social actions in families: 1. A collective fitness approach.
David G. Lloyd — 2000 (

The selection of social actions in families: 2. Parental investment.
David G. Lloyd — 2000 (

The selection of social action in families: 3. Reproductively disabled individuals and organs.
David G. Lloyd — 2000 (

Optimal population harvesting in a source-sink environment. 
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Irreducible certainties, sustainable fisheries and marine reserves.
Marc S. Mangel — 2000 (

On the product mean fitness and population growth in sexual and asexual populations.
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Cohesion and survivorship of a rodent community during the past 4 million years in southwestern Kansas.
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Why are equally-sized gametes so rare? The instability of isogamy and the cost of anisogamy. 
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Limits to species richness in a continuum of habitat heterogeneity: an ESS approach. 
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Variation in feeding morphology between pumpkinseed populations: phenotypic plasticity or evolution?
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Antler growth and extinction of Irish elk. 
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Has the ghost of competition passed?
Douglas W. Morris — 1999 (

Measuring the ghost of competition: insights from density-dependent habitat selection on the coexistence and dynamics of lemmings.
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Potential selection for female choice in Viola tricolor.
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ERRATUM — 2001(1)

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The good, the bad and the reified.
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Does a negative genetic correlation between wing morph and early fecundity imply a functional constraint in Gryllus firmus?
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The spatial scale of pathogen dispersal: Consequences for disease dynamics and persistence. 
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The number of competitors providing pollen on a stigma strongly influences intraspecific pollen aperture number variation.
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Predator-induced plasticity and morphological trade-offs in latitudinally-separated populations of Littorina obtusata.
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A male-biased primary sex ratio and larval mortality in Eucheiria socialis (Lepidoptera: Pieridae). 
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The evolutionary relationships between body shape and habitat use in lacertid lizards. 
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Heritability and fitness consequences of cannibalism in Harmonia axyridis
J. D. Wagner, M. Dempsey Glover, J. B. Mosely and A. J. Moore — 1999  

Parasite heterogenity affects infection success and the occurence of within-host competition: an experimental study with a cestode.
Claus Wedekind & A. Ruetschi — 2000(8) (

Advantages of seed dispersal: A re-evaluation of directed dispersal.
Dan Wenny — 2001(1) (

Linking consumer-resource theory and digestive physiology: application to diet shifts.
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The evolution of dispersal from source to sink populations.
Howard B. Wilson — 2001(1) (

Evolutionary genetics of seasonal polyphemism in the map butterfly. 
Jack J. Windig & Pascal Lammar — 1999 (

What makes nutrient-poor mediterranean heathlands so rich in plant diversity?
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The role of host plant fidelity in initiating insect race formation. 
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What determines the attack distance of a stalking predator?
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Precocial nest departure in the Alcidae.
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