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The Papaj Laboratory
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University of Arizona

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Undergraduate students

The Papaj Lab is always interested in mentoring undergraduates in research. Sometimes students conduct their own projects; sometimes they work as assistants in experiments or in maintaining insect cultures and plant stocks. Interested undergraduates are encouraged to e-mail Dan Papaj ( to see whether positions in the lab are currently available. If positions are available, prospects will be asked to submit a brief resume and names of several references. Members of the Honors, Flynn Scholar or UBRP programs are actively encouraged to apply. We are currently advertising for undergraduate research assistants who would receive course credit. Click here for more information.

Graduate students

We are actively recruiting graduate students in any of our current areas of research in insect behavioral ecology, broadly defined. Dan advises students mainly in his home department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (info on the EEB program here), but also students in the Entomology and Insect Science program (info here).

You need to be accepted both by the department or program and by a faculty sponsor, so feel free to initiate a correspondence with Dan by e-mail at any time.


The Papaj Lab currently has no available funds to hire a new postdoc. Dan is nevertheless interested in supporting additional postdoctoral research and can assist in securing funding. Contact Dan by e-mail if interested. Several recent postdocs in the lab have been funded through the Center for Insect Sciences' training program entitled Postdoctoral Excellence in Research and Teaching (PERT). Interested prospects should contact PERT directly as to the availability of positions, which can be subject to change on relatively short notice.

International applicants

The Papaj lab has mentored a large number of people from other countries, ranging from exchange students to postdocs. International members of the lab have hailed from Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Israel, Turkey, Hong Kong, Guatemala, and Mexico. Unfortunately, we do not accept postdocs or graduate students into the lab unless we can meet you in person. If you are unable to travel to the US for a visit for visa or other reasons, and we cannot otherwise arrange a face-to-face meeting, we generally will not consider your application.









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Photos from top left down: Sphaeralcea globemallow and Battus philenor mating pair by D. Papaj; thermal image of Polistes wasp by B. Klein; jumping spider (Phiddipus sp.?) with Rhagoletis juglandis female prey © C. Hedgcock; cactus bee by A. Howell.