Jeremiah Hackett, Principle Investigator

Assistant Professor
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
My research interests are in the areas of genome evolution, the evolution of photosynthesis and the physiology of harmful algae. Part of my research investigates how eukaryotes acquire plastids through endosymbiosis and how this process influences genome evolution through gene transfer. Another main area of research is the ecology and physiology of harmful algae. My lab is using microarrays to determine global gene expression patterns of harmful algae under various growth conditions. These gene expression profiles will be used to determine the factors that lead to harmful algal blooms in the oceans.
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Current lab members

Jennifer Hughes
Graduate Student
William Driscoll
Graduate Student
Ram Nadathur
Graduate Student
Stephanie Sowa
Undergraduate Student
Max Lowther
Undergraduate Student
Hanford Kwong
Undergraduate Student

Honorary Lab Members

Ellen Suurmeyer
Graduate Student

Past Lab Members

Michael Schvarcz
Research Technician
Parris Humphrey
Graduate Student, six week rotation
Christopher Schvarcz
Masters Student

Chris is now a PhD student at the University of Hawaii
Carrie Lyons
Undergraduate Student
Kate Stogsdill
Undergraduate Student
Zach Sunitsch
Undergraduate Student