Environmental Biology    

Temporary 2009 Info (posted 14 Jan 2009):
Lecture file ( pdfx2 or pdfx6) from 1st lecture on 14 Jan 2009
2009 Syllabus
Withgott & Brennan Chapter 1 (for 14 Jan Lecture)
Begin reading Ishmael!
E.O. Wilson excerpt (Chapter 9 From The Diversity of Life) (for 16 Jan Lecture)


University of Arizona, spring 2007, ECOL 206
Instructor: Kevin Bonine, Ph.D. (office hours: in BSE1D [in the basement] Tues 11-12, Wed 1015-1115, and by appointment)
Graduate TA: Anna Tyler (office hours: Wed 1000-1100h in BSW 431, and by appointment)

Updated Lecture Topics and Readings (with links)

LINK to updated 206 LAB website for 2007

Original Course Syllabus from 10 January 2007
(with contact information)

Polis website for exchange of information among students
(currently for discussion of current events & seminars relevant to the course)


Current Events Grading Rubric

some useful/interesting outside links:
Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software

Library Research Page (thanks to Jeanne Pfander at the Science Library)

SNR Seminars (Wednesdays at noon in BSE225, SW corner of the 2nd floor)

UA Evolution Lecture Series (some Wednesday evenings in Phoenix spring 2007)

UA Home Page
UA Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department
UA School of Natural Resources

Gardening in the Arid Southwest

Big Arizona Fires with links to newspaper articles etc.

Pima County, Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan (SDCP)
Arizona Game and Fish Department
Bureau of Land Management
US Fish and Wildlife Service
USFWS Endangered Species Program

Earth News Wire
Keep tabs on the current administration
Union of Concerned Scientists
Environmental Defense
Environmental Defense Action Network
National Resources Defense Council
Common Dreams.Org

Society for Conservation Biology
Nature Conservancy
Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter
Center for Biological Diversity

Derrick Jensen
Cowboys and Cattle Country

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