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Joanna Masel

Principal Investigator

Ph. 520 626 9888

Office: LSS327A

I am interested in lots of different stuff, please browse the research links and publications! I don’t run a wet lab, so all these projects involve mathematics, simulations, downloading and analyzing pre-existing data, or all of the above. I try to work on systems where theoretical models can give insights that just wouldn’t be available any other way, and then to link these models to data. This means we often approach existing datasets with questions and hypotheses that other people aren't thinking about.

I am most interested in models that explicitly capture mechanistic constraints, whether from biochemistry, genetics, cellular biology, physiology, or ecology, and work out their evolutionary consequences. Specific interests at the moment include the robustness and evolvability of biological systems, the origins of coding sequences from non-coding ancestors, and the tension between relative and absolute competitions in evolution, ecology, and economics.

I am a Professor in the department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and am a member of Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDP) in Applied Math, Genetics, and Statistics, the Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology graduate program, and the Biochemistry and Cellular Molecular Biology graduate program. I am also a member of the BIO5 Institute.

Publications organized by topic, from Google Scholar